Breakdown of Facebook: circulate, y& 039; nothing has to know!

Technology – the ré social bucket does not give any explanation on the premiè Re breakdown d' scale which has touché certain countries europé ens this morning.

C `is by small a communiquA© laconic that Facebook has commentA© the breakdown which has touchA© its users in Europe and Africa on the version Web and mobile as well as the portable applications for Android, iPhone or Blackberry.

has “Aujourda?? today, Facebook has rencontrA© technical difficultA©s, empA? song certain users europA©ens has  to connect itself on the platform. Is these problA¨mes dA©sormais rA©solus and?? accA ¨ S.A.  Facebook is rA©tabli. Facebook its?? excuses of this hitch and invites the da million?? users has  to take again to them activitA© usual on the platform. HAS” HAS  explain the social rA©seau on the dA©diA©e page has  the press.

Circulez `has nothing there has  to know! With 

the week derniA¨re, Microsoft had chosen the transparency for its platform cloud. Admittedly the customers of Windows Azure are professionals who pay the service and thus must has? tre informA©s of its dysfunction, but without returning in technical dA©tails which risked D `A©chapper has 
L `immense majoritA© of its 189 million D `users in Europe and 25 million in Africa,
one could S `wait has  a little more transparency of the share D `a rA©seau
social which places the relationship to its audience like the engine of sound

the partners of the social rA©seau who use the function “; Connect”; or will APIs (for the comments for example) have can-HAVe? tre right has  an explanation more circonstanciA©e.

ZDNet. Fr thus maintains by its expert bloguor this morning: With  the breakdown has A©tA© provoquA© by a problA¨me liA© in the name of field Facebook

has > server ns1. facebook. COM
Default server: ns1. facebook. COM
Address: 204. 74. 66. 132#53
> www. facebook. COM
Server: ns1. facebook. COM
Address: 204. 74. 66. 132#53
# Non-authoritative answer:
Ca not find www. facebook. COM: No answer
# > server ns2. facebook. COM
Default server: ns2. facebook. COM
Address: 204. 74. 67. 132#53
> www. facebook. COM
Server: ns2. facebook. COM
Address: 204. 74. 67. 132#53
# Non-authoritative answer:
Ca not find www. facebook. COM: No answer

According to measurements of Cedexis (see graphic below), the “; dA©crochage”; on the zone Europe S `is produced a little before 5:00 on March 7 and has durA© jusqu `has  7:00. The disponibilitA© returned has  the normal has  to start from 9:00.

Click on the image to see the complete dA©tail of measurements


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the closing of MegaUpload has benefits the legal offer? A hasty assumption

Analyzes – 25,7%, c’ is the rise d’ enregistr&amp goes down for hearing; eacute; E by Wrestling-Up TV and the VOD continuation &worsen; the closing of MegaUpload d’ aprè S estimates of Hadopi. However, l’ analysis relates only to the 12 days which followed closing and account d&amp does not hold; rsquo; a é ventuel carryforward d’ goes down for hearing towards alternative services of té lé direct loading and the P2P.

Unusual fact, Hadopi its?? Does A©tait fA©licitA©e in January of the closing of MegaUpload by the autoritA©s amA©ricaines have?? unusual because jusqua?? With  prA©sent, High the autoritA© refused to come to a conclusion about legal actions in progress, which is the case of?? MegaUpload business.

In, Hadopi reconsiders on March 7 the effects (provisional?) of the diffA©rents sites of the MegaUpload family.

+25% for Wrestling-Up TV and +35% for the VOD

On the basis of?? agrA©gation of several sources of donnA©es, of which the figures da?? goes down for hearing of MA©diamA©trie/NetRatings (A©chantillon of 50 sites reprA©sentant the various forms D `offers lA©gale), Hadopi A©value has  26% of?? goes down for hearing daily average of the platforms lA©gales between?? before and?? aprA¨s closing of MegaUpload.


has “In my? me time, one notes a reduction of 20% of the median number of daily unique visitors on the sites of streaming, between the pA©riode of 1st at January 18, 2012 and that of the 18 at January 31 20123 has” additions Hadopi.

High the autoritA© calculates thus that?? goes down for hearing (daily unique visitors) has augmentA© of 25% for Wrestling-Up TV (tA©lA©vision of correction), of 35% and 85% for the agrA©gateurs/portails. With “On the whole of the segments, the profit is supA©rior has  reduction in?? constatA©e goes down for hearing on sites of streaming free (- 19,5%). With”

the rise of the TV of correction, a “; basic tendency “; however

“This report its?? explain certainly by dA©placement users towards the directly substitutable, accessible lA©gales offers on the Web since a personal computer has” still comments on Hadopi.

Several prA©cautions are however has  to take. Can’t the growth enregistrA©e by Wrestling-Up TV its?? to explain only by?? arrA? T of MegaUpload. With “This growth of the tA©lA©vision of correction reinforces a basic tendency, since over one year, one notes a rise of the consumption of Wrestling-Up TV of 67% has” takes da?? elsewhere care of prA©ciser?? A©tude.

Moreover, only the effects has  are short term of here mesurA©s, the pA©riode da?? analyzes finishing on January 31. However in SuA¨de, country of PirateBay?? da adoption?? a law on the protection of the intellectual propriA©tA© (IPRED) had caused a sharp decline of traffic Internet. This dA©clin its?? A©tait following and returned a©tait traffic has  its initial level.

Quid of tA©lA©chargement direct and the P2P?

In light, if a carryforward da?? goes down for hearing towards da?? is other sources of consumption of contents probable, for has? tre pA©renne this phA©nomA¨ne nA©cessite undoubtedly also A©volution of?? offer lA©gale – what the closing of MegaUpload N `does not have provoquA©e. A dA©crochage has  to leave January 29 on the VOD has  this title has …

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Canal+ reproaches has Google and Apple not to play has equal footings

Business – In a platform published in Le Monde, Bertrand Meheut, competition d&amp criticizes; eacute; honest of the actors d’ Internet like Google and Apple. L’ future of the ciné my is menacé according to the pré sident of Canal+. Or this is Canal+ which is menacé by this new competition?

In a platform publiA©e in the world, prA©sident it of Canal+, Bertrand Meheut, delivers itself has  a criticism of?? A©volution of?? competing environment in the sector of?? audio-visual. In “Jusqu `has  prA©sent, the mA©dias groups franA§ais delivered a keen competition, but with rA¨gles of the play which A©taient my? my for all: a framework rA©glementaire and tax single has” comments on the owner thus.

But here are, the traditional actors must dA©sormais to take into account new actors, and in particular the companies of?? Internet, of which Google and Apple. However, according to Bertrand Meheut, has “the new forms of competition which take shape have tendency has  S `to free from these rA¨gles. We see apparaA®tre new offers whose mode of A©chappe distribution has  very forced rA©glementaire or tax. With”

tax Dumping in Europe from Ireland and Luxembourg

the leader points the bA©nA©fices thus directly tax tirA©s of their establishment by Apple and Google, whose siA¨ges europA©ens are basA©s respectively and in Ireland, two countries which made argument to attract the companies.

In addition to, tax incentives (impA/ts and VAT) whose these new entrants bA©nA©ficient, Bertrand Meheut their reproach of not does not have? tre subjected to my? my obligations, and in particular financing of?? audio-visual franA§ais.

the dA©bat Na?? is. The question of the financing of the crA©ation and of?? audio-visual (but also of rA©seaux) still A©tA© dA©battue has rA©cemment has  ?? occasion da?? in SA©nat on the fiscalitA© of the numA©rique one. ?? idA©e da?? a Google tax has thus.

the TV connectA©e redistributes the charts

Au-dela  question of the fiscalitA©, Ca?? is a battle on?? future of?? audio-visual and of the division of the value that the actors of the sector deliver themselves, of which Canal+. The tA©lA©vision connectA©e threat indeed of rebattre charts. And not its” R which the groups as Canal+ comes out from it big winners.

the battle is thus also (especially?) competing. And to slow down?? entrA©e of the actors of the Web, the chaA®nes are prA? your has  to forget their rivalitA©s, at the point of aiming has  to frame the ambitions of the gA©ants sA©vA¨rement Web in matiA¨re of TV connectA©e.

However, actors traditional of?? audio-visual are conscious of the dilatory nature of these measurements. Launching da?? a free chaA®ne by Canal+ its?? does registered voter thus in a stratA©gie dA©clarA©e have “da?? occupation of the ground. With”

“It has is necessary that we occupy the ground if not it will be conquered by new actors like Google TV, Apple TV, Hulu or Netflix which will dA©ferleront grA? it has  the tA©lA©vision connectA©e. This is A©volution inA©luctable, it is thus necessary to act quickly and dA©velopper the franA§aise production has” Bertrand Meheut, who aujourda?? today seems to call some with the lA©gislator in the name of?? future of the cinA©ma, according to him menacA© by Google and Quatar.

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E-Book: Apple and the large editors would make pay the customers more expensive

Legal – Dé partement amé yankee of justice should engage a procé last antitrust &worsen; l’ opposition d’ Apple and of five houses d’ é dition for agreement on the price of the books é lectronic, thus fixing prices more é levé S for the most sold books, with the dé pens thus of the purchasers.

A©lectroniques books are one of the marchA©s ciblA©s by Apple. But to charm shares of marchA© has  its competitor, Amazon, Apple Na?? does not seem it has respectA© the rA¨gles competition in the United States.

It would be in any case the da conclusion?? a enquA? you of DA©partement amA©ricain of justice the Wall Street Journal pays. According to sources, the antitrust division of DoJ should thus engage a procA©dure has  ?? opposition da?? Apple and of five houses da?? A©dition for its?? With? tre heard on the price of a©lectroniques books.

Of let us soupA§ons D `obstacle has  competition also in Europe

A©diteurs which would have? tre continued, with the cA/tA©s da?? Apple, are HarperCollins Publishers, Hachette Book Group, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Group and Simon &Schuster. It would be to them reprochA© an illicit agreement on the prices, prA©judiciable with the consumer since this agreement prA©voirait of on the online shop da?? Apple for the most sold works.

It would be tariffing officialisA©e by Apple has  ?? occasion of the launching of?? iPad, which would be directly in the collimator of the rA©gulator amA©ricain has?? but also europA©en which and A©diteurs D `obstacle has  competition.

This modA¨le its?? is imposA© like a standard in the sector. But in my? me would time, it have resulted in an price increase of the books and would have also caused da?? to prohibit has  Amazon, large rival da?? Apple, to propose handing-over consA©quentes.

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Hadopi and human rights: an European Commissioner questions himself, Hadopi aggravates

DA©bat – At the time d’ a dé beats on ACTA, the police chief europé in Karel De Gucht s’ is interrogé on the compatibilité between the response gradué E franç ease and the protection of the rights of l’ Man. A questioning accomodated by a communiqué condescending of Hadopi.

If the government franA§ais completely da seems dA©sintA©resser?? ACTA, a traitA© that France however does have signA© and who is highly, members of Hadopi them Na?? do not have manquA© to raise a sentence during discussions has  Brussels.

At the time da?? a sA©ance with the Parliament retransmise in vidA©o, Karel De Gucht, Police chief europA©en with the Trade, on the compatibilitA© between the law CrA©ation and Internet and the protection of the rights of?? Man.

a text validA© by the Constitutional council rA©plic Hadopi

the dA©clarations of Karel De Gucht are not tombA©es in?? ear da?? a deaf person. Does Hadopi have my? me?? fine ear puisqua?? it has rA©agi by the means da?? of press in which it dA©clare to have “took note with deep A©tonnement of the remarks of the Police chief. With”

For Hadopi, has “serious interrogations has” of the police chief europA©en rA©clament has “certain A©claircissements has”. And according to High the autoritA©, the response graduA©e does not constitute an attack has  the protection of the rights of?? Man with the reason that the Council da?? State and the Constitutional council has validA© the device (aprA¨s however in 2009).

has “?? Does Hadopi conclude dA¨s at the time the dA©clarations susvisA©es cannot have like origin qua?? insufficient information of the Police chief De Gucht on the device franA§ais and is held has  does the provision of this last for him prA©senter more in dA©tail the contents of its missions have” proposes?? autoritA© franA§aise.

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YouTube technical partner of NBC to the Olympic Games of London

Technology – YouTube will provide its reader vidé O and its infrastructure of streaming on line to the NBCOlympics site. COM to diffuse the é evidence of the OJ d' é té .

the chaA®ne amA©ricaine NBC, dA©tentrice of the rights of diffusion of the next Olympic Games da?? A©tA©, concluded a technical and promotional partnership agreement with YouTube. The reader vidA©o as well as the capacitA©s of streaming on line of Youtube will be put has  provision of the NBCOlympics official site. Com.

what Ca?? is MSN which had assurA© this service for NBC at the time of the OJ of 2008 and 2010 but?? agreement ended aprA¨s the Plays of Vancouver.

For this A©dition 2012, NBC prA©voit of retransmettre all A©preuves in streaming, is more than 3.000 hours of direct. In addition to the technique, YouTube will make the promotion of NBCOlympics. COM on its da page?? reception and will point towards of A©missions live and the extracts of A©preuves of the OJ of London. (Eureka Press)

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Twitter would prepare new functionalities for the pages of mark

Technology – the site of microphone blogging would have l’ intention d’ to add many fonctionnalité S &worsen; these r&amp pages; eacute; servé be with the advertisers in order to make them more captivating.

Twitter would be in the train of prA©parer an important advertisement
concerning the promotional pages (or “; pages of marque”;) rA©servA©es with the advertisers. LancA©es in
dA©cembre last, these pages have a format a little diffA©rent that of the pages
Twitter traditional. The marks which bA©nA©ficient some have the possibilitA©
to personalize?? in-your? you and to maintain contents (tweet, image, vidA©o) with
top of the wire of tweets.

SelonA Proverb, Twitter prA©voit da?? to add functions of
E-trade and of the inciting options like contests and pullings with
leaves. ?? idA©e is da?? to open the crA©ation of these tools to the dA©veloppeurs. They
will be intA©grA©s with the wire of tweets. What to cause a intA©rA? T more important of
advertisers for these pages and to encourage them has  intA©grer the site of microphone blogging
in their plans of communication. Of what A©galement rA©pondre in the current pages of mark of Facebook, more and more utilisA©es by the advertisers. (Eureka Press)

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